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Stanfield Homes has the expertise, vision and passion to transform your dreams into a reality.  Please browse through these Frequently Asked Questions about the home-building process.  If you do not see your question, please feel free to contact us.

How is Stanfield Homes Inc. different from other homebuilders?

One of the most significant differences is that prior to construction commencing, we provide a detailed budget and work to ensure construction costs are kept within the budgeted price. Our clients begin their projects understanding the costs upfront, and are not burdened with unexpected costs.

Another key difference between Stanfield Homes and other custom home builders is that we provide a complete suite of services, from designing architectural plans to helping you obtain minor variances, permits and approvals. Everything we discuss is documented in thorough detail; you will receive a complete and accurate Scope of Work, a Payment Schedule, and a step-by-step guide tailored to your home, before we ever break ground.

We also work directly with highly experienced skilled trades who are fully aware of our clients’ budgets and needs, and use only fine quality materials to construct every Stanfield home.

What about budget? How does that work?

We examine every aspect of building your home and provide detailed costs of each part of the construction process for you. We provide you with an itemized budget so you have a very clear understanding of how much the build will cost before we begin construction. Cost areas include:
House plans
Site preparation
Service connections
Exterior roofing and finishes
Interior finishes
Mechanical/Electrical/Heating systems
Site grading
Miscellaneous (examples include duct cleaning, final clean up etc.)
Everything is included in the final budget. With Stanfield Homes, there are no surprises.

How much does it cost to build my dream home?

Every home we build is unique. There are a number of factors to consider when budgeting for your custom home. Some considerations are:

  • the size of the lot
  • the square footage of the home
  • the finishes that are chosen
  • whether the basement will be finished

To discuss costs for the project you have in mind, please call Todd or send him an email.

How long have you been in business?

Stanfield Homes has been constructing exceptional homes since 2012. Todd has been in the residential construction industry since 1990. The majority of his experience comes from owning and operating his residential framing company.  

How long should it take to build a custom home?

Multiple factors such as the size of the house, details, finishes, etc. These factors can influence completion time. Smaller homes can be completed in 6-7 months and larger homes can be completed on average between 8-10 months.

There is already a bungalow on our lot. Do you handle the demolition as well as building the new home?

Yes, we demolish the original dwelling in a safe manner and reclaim the land as if it was a new lot.

What if there are unexpected surprises, such as drainage or poor soil issues with the land?

We have the experience dealing with unexpected issues of all kinds. In the case of drainage, we inspect the property long before breaking ground, and can advise you on possible issues and solutions.  For poor soil conditions, an engineer is called to provide us with his recommendations to ensure we start the build with the proper soil bearing capacity.
Should my attorney review your contract?
Some homeowners do ask their legal professional to review building contracts before signing. We have our standard building contract that we have been using for our clients for many years.  

Do you work with a certified architect to design the floor plan?

Yes. We highly recommend working with an architect for your project. We will work with an architect of your choosing or you can work with our architect who has designed the majority of our homes.

Will I get to make architectural decisions based on my preferences, such as the size and placement of windows, the location of the laundry room, and ceiling heights?

Yes, we design the house based on your wants and needs. We will work with you to ensure that your specifications are met in the elevations, floor plans and house placement on the property. We build what you want!

We know what kinds of features and general style we want. How does this get turned into a plan?

For most homes that we start, we have a number of meetings to determine a basic blueprint of the main floor, second floor, and basement, based on your requirements. From there, we can make any necessary adjustments to suit your needs. After the interior is approved, we then begin design on the exterior.  Once the exterior is complete, we review all details of the plan then proceed to get pricing for the build.

Do you have a warranty? If so, what is it?

We offer a 1-year full service warranty.  A 2nd-year is also offered, covering all mechanical systems and water penetration.  From there, our New Home Warranty Company offers coverage up to 10 years.

Can I come to the building site during construction?

Yes. You are invited to come to the building site during construction so you can see your dreams become reality.  Todd is available to meet you at any time on site if you have questions.

I lost my home in a fire. Would I be a suitable client?

We have previously worked with insurance companies to rebuild homes for their insured clients. We can help you understand your insurance company’s settlement and work with you to determine the total cost of building a new home based on your current wants and needs.

Do you have any properties I can drop by to take a look at?

Yes. We always have several homes under construction at various stages. Todd can meet you on site to give you a tour.

Do you have general liability insurance coverage?

Yes, we have general liability insurance; all of our trades also have their own liability and WCB coverage.